The  heat exchangers  branded EBERT IMPIANTI are produced using frames made of PVDF, PP, PVC and PVC-C,  and tubes in PVDF, PVDF/CLR, PP and PE,  in order to answer to the particular requirements of the chemical, alimentary, farmaceutical and metallurgic industries. Depending on the specific characteristics of the resin used for their costruction, in fact, these exchangers can be employed  in corrosive environments with unusual temperatures,where they must be stable, or when contaminations from the environment are not admitted.


Dimension of the standard panels in mm:

S =  Total surface  of the exchanger

L = Total length of the tube



The technical dimensions and data referred  to standard products.

Special elaborations are available on specific demand.

Accessories available: protections, bumpers, attacks and connectors.


Examples of standard exchangers:

As it can be noticed, the modular construction allows us to make any shape and dimension by combining several elements in the most varied way.